• Thessaloniki Science Festival 2015

    When the world of art and science intersect at the point where imagination begins new paths of expression are open, a new kind of era of creativity is generated: one for the future.

    At the Thessaloniki Science Festival, visitors had the opportunity to experience and discover how imagination and creativity came together with technology, the images and sounds that were generated made us look at science in a different perspective.


    For more information please visit the website.

  • DVD

    Bubbles, You See Now?

    A DVD version of a video artwork of mine has been released. The music was composed by Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski.

  • Paradox Fabric / Art Research on Context

    For more information please check in spanish


    Video documentation of the International Encounter and Intercultural Exchange held in the city of Granada, Spain, showing the development of the P-Fabric Project and resulting artistic creations presented at the exhibition held at the CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía Museum.


    The Paradax Fabric Project / European Art Biennale as shown on Spanish TV can be viewed here.


    Another video of this challenging project I had the pleasure to participate in can be found here.


    Curator, Isidro López-Aparicio, wrote in the catalogue Art Research on the Context: The P-Fabric Project: “ “P” could represent probability, possibility, plan, perspective, pattern or position, or other concepts that new situations may require in the future. (...) A paradox is a powerful stiumulus for reflection and creation”, more can be found in catalogue of the event.

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