Traces of Time

photo series
Edyta Mąsior Traces of Time - Cracow, Poland 2012
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  • Synopsis
  • Traces of time


    1. Geological strata of a certain place allow us to validate its sense of time.
    2. A heap of stones, or even two, can also represent time.
    3. “A person walking in snow”, “means” he has done so before saying so.
    4. A building under the No. 12 was built by my brother. We met for the first time when one of us was 16 years old. Snow had fallen from the sky.
    5. An exercise: take a graph paper, a pencil, a ruler, and draw your own sense of time.


    “A person walking in the snow”, “means”...
    “The rules of representation (Barthes) (...) before a man starts to walk in snow it already means something, we already know everything about him”.

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